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    June 30, 2011


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    Hi Dale, I've got your set of DVDs...and a few questions? Here's one. From a base of over 3,000 optionable Stocks and ETFs, you've narrowed them down to about 300 to work with. How did you do that? What kind of screening do you do? Price (like $10 or over)? Volume (like 500,000 or over)? Other stuff? In other words, what are the specific qualifications a stock or ETF needs to have before it rates a place on "your" working list? I'd really like to know so I can do it myself and do it successfully. If this question is inappropriate for this particular seminar, then know that I'll be asking it again when I sign up for some of your classes In September. I'm an active 82-year old Senior and I really like the simplicity and probable payoff of the trading system you've put together. Many thanks! Hank Koval

    Hi Hank,

    I have passed your questions on directly to Dale, who will get in touch with you soon.

    Thank you!
    Courtney Jenkins, Editor
    Marketplace Books & Traders' Library

    Hi Hank,

    I chose these stocks because they ALL have options and they are LEADERS in their sectors. I wanted a list that mimics the SPY(S&P 500), but was focused solely on options candidates, but could be separated into SECTORS and the COMPONENTS that I need for options trading and leverage. I also have MUCH SMALLER groups that I use, some with only 20 tickers, mostly Indexes, that give me a clear indication of market moves. For instance, one of the tickers in that list is FAS. If you look at the FAS daily chart, it had a near perfect double bottom in price a couple of days ago, but the MACD bottom that was present on that same day was MUCH higher than it's previous bottom. That info tells me a GREAT deal about where the price SHOULD BE. In this case, MUCH HIGHER than the low on Monday, July 18. The FAS price was UNDER $22 at the low on Monday. TODAY it is OVER $25. So, the OTM(out of the money) call options that expire tomorrow have moved over 1,000% since Monday! More than 10 TIMES your $$! Now, that kind of info on a SMALL(under 20 ticker)list will fix ANY financial issues you have EVER HAD, in just a few days!! So, the SMALLER THE LIST THE BETTER, so we can EASILY locate the patterns that produce results! We know what patterns do that, so why spend time looking at 300 or 3000 tickers when the main market movers(in my 20 ticker list) are the ones that tell us everything about all sectors.


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