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    August 25, 2010


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    nice list, thanks for including my book!

    Great books!...There are so many good ones.

    My pick is Trading For A Living by Dr. Alexander Elder. It captures all the Essentials:

    Money Management
    Systems and Strategies

    Great book for the Beginner & Advanced stock trader!

    You have mentioned some great books here and would have to say Trading in the Zone would be my favourite. I have read it several times now, and learn something new with each read.

    Brilliant books you just shared! What you had written is awesome. Thanks for sharing it online. Trading is not an easy task and it needs a lot of knowledge on so many things so reading is very important to upgrade such knowledge. Books are indeed necessary to support and educate traders, especially the new ones.

    Online trading or become a day trader isn't as complicated as it sounds. I'm glad a lot of articles and blogs are coming out. It actually helps new traders to become more knowledgeable when it comes to trading!

    I've read Trading in the Zone and as a Day Trader, it really helped me a lot understanding the ins and outs of day trading! Those are good recommends!

    There's a lot of good suggestions here. I should try to work on my stock trading skills after reading one of 'em. Two thumbs up!

    Really it's so good thing written by you on this topic.I am impressed to read about your topic.It's So valuable for us.There is so many guideline on penny stocks.Thanks for to say about this......

    Really, Your post are awesome! Thanks

    Options Trading is my main investing vehicle and I really enjoyed your book, The Iron Condor. I learn options trading by finding great sites like this. I got started with a series of videos and the education I found at Many Thanks!

    I want to have a copy of that book. I heard that it has a lot of information and guides that you can read in that book. That book is a must have.

    I really need to get a copy of those books. I really want to learn more about this stuff and I am so sure that those books are going to be a great help and guide.

    To completely understand something, you sometimes need to see the information several times in different formats. Books are great and so are videos. I have watched a series of free options trading tutorials that really help support what you read in books. It you are a day trader these videos are a must. You can find them at

    The best stock trading books are really helpful for all the people doing the business. It is giving the helping hand to all the beginners especially. These books should be available in the rooms of all the traders. I liked the book One Good trade. It has been written wonderfully. thanks for it. It is useful for all those who are doing
    Options Trading.

    Interesting. There's some titles here I've never even seen before.

    I have a web site where I research stocks under five dollars. I am a astute value investor.I would like to suggest the stock traders almanac.this is a seasonal guide to moves in the stock market.

    The best stock trading books are no doubt very knowledgeable and helpful for those who want to know more about trading in stock market, penny shares and penny stocks.

    Another list of great trading books;

    Although it is necessary for all traders to read great books about trading but for a novice who wants to progress very fast the best is to find an affordable online trading course.

    Good post... Valuable information for all. Thank you so much for important topic!

    Thanks for sharing that will be really so valuable. it will be true that in most of the cases the penny stocks investing is found to be unprofitable investments and beginners used to suffer losses in stock trading.

    Great and helpful article that you have been sharing here.

    Nice collection of Source to learn stock trading thanks for post

    Thanks for the great list of books! Which do you recommend the most for a beginner? Thanks.

    Great collection! I've always wanted to try my hand at the stock market. I just never get to build enough guts to really do it.

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